• What makes our Dream mattress unique?

    Our Dream mattress feels like latex and foam fused together to create the perfect mattress. It has a soft bounce to it while providing extreme comfort. Affordable luxury at its best.

  • How does the trial period work?

    You can take our Dream mattress home risk-free for up to to 10 nights from the day of delivery. Please allow yourself 3 nights to get adjusted to the new bed. If you would like to return your mattress, we will pick it up for a small fee of 250 AED, which will be deducted from your initial payment. You can also exchange your mattress for an in-store product, in which case we will pick it up for free.

  • Can I receive the same price for the Dream mattress in store?

    No. Our online prices have been designed to provide you with a discounted deal compared to our retail store.

  • How long should I expect my order to be delivered in?

    Once we have collected your payment, your order will be received 24 hours after. Those orders placed online via credit card after 5pm will receive their goods during the second half of the day.

  • Do I need to be at home to accept the delivery?

    Yes. Either you or a responsible person must be present at the time of delivery and a service elevator must be booked.