ow many times have you rounded up a corner and found yourself surprised to see a queue of people beside an odd-looking, sometimes retro-fitted van that seems to dispense a heavenly smell? Yes, you’ve just stumbled upon one of those food truck wonders that have sprouted up on street corners everywhere. It wasn’t hard to understand why food trucks gained so much following in its meteoric rise to culinary stardom. Most food trucks are brainchilds of chefs who used to grace 4-5 star kitchens. Whether it’s the recession or their burning passion to deliver gourmet food to the masses, the world is grateful that these chefs and their talented teams are out on the streets to serve us all amazing meals in under 10 minutes.

Dubai is not one to shy away from food fads such as these. While we may not simply stumble upon them by the road or in street corners, Dubai’s food trucks have carved their very own home at the heart of the Middle Eastern desert. Welcome to The Last Exit.

Tucked away in the border between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, The Last Exit is a 1,500sqm park home to various food trucks offering hungry travelers or adventurous foodies a taste of heaven on the road. The drive-thru concept kind of looks like you’re trapped in the set of a 1950s film, but it sure offers a unique charm to the overall dining experience.

We’ve rounded up three of our foodie favorites from our trip to The Last Exit.

1. Big Smoke Burger
Who doesn’t love burgers? This Canadian chain fueled up even more our love for smoky patties on fresh buns. Whether it’s chicken or beef with a side of salad or fries, we know we can’t get enough.

2. Operation Falafel
It’s always a great experience to have a cross-cultural meal. The Last Exit’s drive-thru concept is definitely a fresh take on traditional Arabic dining, but it’s amazing how Operation Falafel captures the spirit of an authentic Arabic dish. Perfectly roasted meat on a bed of fresh vegetables definitely perked up our meal. Hurray for light and healthy choices on the road!

3. The Brass Coffee & Company
No road trip is complete with a quick stop for a cup of joe. We’re lucky enough to have The Brass as our option at The Last Exit. This homegrown coffee house serves the best of Arabic coffee with the use of Europe’s best brass roasters. It is a treat for both the tastebuds and the senses as the aroma brings a special kind of relaxation making it a rewarding experience.

Well we guess road trips across Dubai and Abu Dhabi and even food adventures around the city will never be the same again. Thanks to this new and happening food truck park. It’s amazing how people patiently wait in queues to grab their breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is indeed a story of something being ‘worth the wait’. Are you up for a trip to The Last Exit to check it out?