The day when you’re not waking up to the blaring sound of the alarm might just have dawned upon us. We’ve gotten so used to our alarms jolting us awake that on some days, we can just tune it out, no problem. Well, humans are best known for innovations and out-of-the-box ideas, so it’s no surprise that inventors have found a unique alternative to crazy alarm clocks – the scent-based alarm. As novel as the idea is (and we’re definitely excited to try it out!), let’s take a look into the science of a ‘scent alarm’. Our sense of smell is definitely the most sensitive of all our senses. It helps us enjoy different types of food (75% of flavor is influenced by the smell of the food), triggers emotions and memories, and even influences our dating choices. It cannot be denied then that our olfactory senses play a big part in how we go about our daily lives.

The clock’s designers conducted a study to actually measure the effectiveness of the alarm. The study conducted on nursing home patients revealed that over 99% of respondents were awakened within the first two minutes of the scent being released. That is promising indeed. The team believes that the alarm will be revolutionary in helping people wake up happier by easing them slowly into their day. When you’re not jolted awake by the blaring siren of your alarm, you’re less stressed, less haggard and definitely ready to conquer your day with enthusiasm. This invites productivity from your waking minute to the time you go back under the sheets again to end the day.

Given that, now that we’re looking into starting our days with our sense of smell, close your eyes and think about the perfect way to wake up. Are you imagining the sound of waves crashing by the beach? Are you thinking about the fresh smell of lavender-scented sheets? How amazing would it be to wake up to freshly-brewed coffee and just-out-of-the-oven croissants? All these are made possible by the scent-based alarm. The alarm is equipped with various scent packets or capsules that are plugged into the alarm and set to go off at a time specified. If the smell of coffee or Christmas does not do anything to wake you up, it has a backup sound alarm to bring you back to reality in that annoying, old-fashioned way. The best thing about it? You can choose from various scents so every day is a brand-new experience. The most common culprits are coffee, croissants, peaches, ocean, chocolate and peppermint. You might find it interesting to try more out-of-the-box options though like freshly-cut grass and – get this – money.

It’s amazing how it’s now actually become possible to capture our best waking memories by recreating the scents that remind us of it. From our toddler days waking up to mom’s pancakes to heartwarming Christmas mornings, we’re excited to see this scent-based alarm redefine our mornings.