Food is probably one of the most exciting thigs about life. While some of us may love to eat several times throughout the day, others may time their meals to about two or three times a day. No matter how common food is, everyone has a very specific routine when it comes to eating and we all eat in our own way.

There are several different types of eaters and you may want to spot which category you fall in because it could help you improve your eating habits.

The Emotional Eater

For many people when and what they eat has more to do with their emotional state rather than how hungry their body is. Whether they are sad, angry or happy, they tend to find themselves turning to food in order to fill some kind of a void or make them feel a certain way.

This may be slightly harmful for the body as it can easily lead to overeating or an inability to properly recognize your system’s hunger signals.

The All-Day Nibbler

There are always those people who are eating something all the time. Whether it’s morning, evening or midnight – they will always be nibbling on something. These type of eaters reject proper meals and have no eating routine. While they may not eat a lot at once, they are constantly eating – mostly, snacks – and other foods which are processed with a low nutrient value.

The inability to eat proper meals at a fixed time may be damaging for your health as your meals are not thought out and the constant nibbling may lead to gaining weight rather than losing it.

The Swinger

This is the type of person who is usually extremely cautious of what they are eating and how many calories they are taking in – almost to a religious extent. However, they tend to swing from extreme cautiousness to extreme carelessness when it comes to eating. You may see them following a strict, healthy diet plan for two months and then throwing it all away for a week to fulfill their cravings.

If you are this type of eater, you may find yourself feeling unhappy and guilty often (due to the cravings, of course). The best way to deal with this is by relaxing your own rules and giving yourself a “cheat” day every now and then so you don’t end up throwing it all away for a food binge.

The Obsessive Dieter

We all know this type of person. They are always on some new diet and they are extremely strict about it. They will not break their diet no matter what and you can bet they will be counting every single calorie intake.

While the intention here is usually a commendable one – which is to stay fit. However, most diets focus more on weight loss and much less on nutritional value. Such type pf eating could be very unhealthy as your body fails to receive the necessary vitamins and nutrients it requires for optimum productivity.

The Real Foodie

This is the type of eater who treats food almost as if it were holy. They eat solely for the experience of tasting the flavors on their mouth palette. Every new meal is sensual for them and they are always on the lookout for the next dish to savor.

This is a great habit as one discovers flavors and combinations from different cultures and various parts of the world. However, it may lead to constantly being overweight if the food intake is not calculated or controlled.

The sort of eater you are says a lot about the sort of person you are. Whether you eat to satiate an emotional feeling or discover a new flavor, watching your food intake is essential in order to lead a happy and healthy life. Make sure you take all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs and add some fruits and vegetables to your diet so you can really enjoy the experience.