In all your years on this Earth, there’s probably no resolution more common than ‘Go to the gym and get fit.’ Then much like mermaid hair and distressed jeans, the moment for it was fleeting and we forget about it again. We can’t say really how we got into a love-hate relationship with the gym. Maybe it’s having to adjust our daily routine to make time for it or driving through traffic just to get there that’s putting us off on the idea. So what can change our mind? Having a gym buddy to share the agony with.

Face it, finding a gym buddy is often harder than it sounds. Always caught in between, work, family, social obligations and me time, today’s millennials know by now work-life balance is a shot at the stars. It’s hard enough to make time to grab a coffee and catch up with your best friend, how much more to take an hour every day to hit the gym together. This is probably one of the reasons why our lifestyles today have also evolved into hitting as many birds with one stone.

Enter the social workout. The social workout is a trend that aims to give millennials and professionals the chance to enjoy their top priorities – fitness + socializing. Where does this happen? In a modern-day fitness gym equipped with the latest fitness and exercise contraptions with a bonus – a DJ’s table. Yes, the social workout is a gym and party in one where you don’t only get to work those tense muscles, but your social skills as well.

There are a number of advantages to the social workout.
1. No need to twist your best friend’s arm to get a gym buddy. The gym finds a buddy for you. With an atmosphere conducive to meeting people and making friends, you’re sure to have constant companions any time you drop by to break a sweat. Mark any date on your calendar and you’ll surely find a crew to hang out with.

2. Partying in your sweats.
We all probably agree that partying until the wee hours of the morning in tight suits or high heels can get pretty tiring. Some days, we just want to slip in sweats, but still enjoy that party vibe. Well this is exactly the place to be. You come in for a workout and you get invited to in-house parties and socials centered on good health and well-being. It’s definitely a refreshing concept and will surely do you and your body good in the long run.

3. Go on a workout adventure.It’s never easy to try new workout routines or ‘new-age’ training regimens alone. With the social workout, you can find a crew you can try new routines with. Whether it’s zombie fun run or aromatherapy yoga, you’ll always find a buddy or a group to learn or laugh with.

TribeFit brought the concept to life in Dubai and takes pride in being a socially active fitness gym. It offers training regimens designed for both fitness buffs and enthusiasts centered around great beats and social activities that will only make you love fitness even more. Learn more about how to find your tribe and work the social circuit at